West Texas Trail Walkers

The club’s first event was held at historic Fort Davis in 1981.  I did not start hiking their events until 1996.

This club’s events are truly “hiking” events.  Their events are dedicated to the enjoyment of the rugged terrain. They hosts three day hiking events in Big Bend, The Davis Mountains, Guadalupe National Park, Lincoln National Forest, Caprock Canyon State Park and Palo Duro Canyon.

I have pictures online from past Events.

1996 – Davis Mts – http://1996.walktx.org/DavisMts/index.html

1997 – Guadalupe Mts – http://1997.walktx.org/Guadalupe/index.html

1998 – Big Bend –

1999 – Caprock Canyon

2000 – Didn’t Hike that year

2001 – Lincoln National Forest – http://2001.walktx.org/LincolnNatlForest/index.html

2002 – Palo Duro Canyon

2003 – Big Bend

2004- Guadalupe Mts

2005 – Davis Mts

2006 – Did not hike

2007 – Did not hike

2008 – Lincoln National Forest

2009 – Palo Duro Canyon

2010 – Guadalupe Mts

2011 – Davis Mts

Upcoming event for 2012 will be at Caprock Canyon.  Go here for more information. http://www.ava.org/clubs/wttw/Home.html

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